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How to Get Access to Cheap Art Supplies

Art supplies are not expensive as students have to use those frequently for their learning. However, in order to save your money, you can always try your best to get access to inexpensive art supplies. Along with that, these supplies contribute a lot in their learning.

Below are some ways through which you can get cheap art supplies:

Approach Other Departments of Your School

First of all, check all the supplies that are available in the art curriculum. If you find some supplies that can be reused, go forward in terms of reusing those. If not, then you can consult other departments of the school. Ask them if they are willing to recycle scrap papers or bottles. If yes, then you can take the old materials from them and use it in your classroom.

Approach Off-Campus Organizations

Once you have collected recyclable art supplies from other departments, it is time to approach others. You can go to local restaurants, municipal buildings, and colleges and ask them for some old papers, paints, brushes, etc. Request them to give you old glass bottles as your students will be able to use those bottles in their art projects.

It is even better if you approach these people within your own community. This is because people from the same community as yours tend to help you more. You can also bring class representative students with you.

Make Purchases in Bulk

When you visit large retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target, talk to the supervisor before buying art supplies. Ask him to give you discount if you purchase these supplies in bulk. Many large retailers facilitate their customers this way. There are high chances that you will not need to pay a lot in order to get those art supplies.

Additionally, you can make efforts in negotiating while you buy art supplies. Keep track of clearance items because these are sold at decreased prices. Along with that, you can also purchase second-hand clothes for reusing these as textile art. Always think creatively while purchasing art supplies when you have a low budget.

Use Edible Art Supplies

It happens quite frequently that you want to save money. At the same time, you cannot help spending some of your money in buying art supplies. Edible art supplies can be the right solution you have been looking for. Without spending any extra money, you can use kitchen items in drawings and paintings. For instance, you can form mountains and sands in your drawing by using rice grains.