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Less Pollution With Led Light Bulbs

If every household in the United States switches to LED lighting, statistics show that approximately 90 current power plants can shut down, which is important to consider since more power plants are being planned and constructed as we use and waste more energy every day by using regular light bulbs. By having more power plants shut down, the environment will accumulate less pollution.

Most electricity is generated by burning coal and other fossil fuels at these power plants. Every time you turn on the lights, you create some pollution. However, just by turning off your power switch at home does not mean that you will be saving the environment since the power plants are still running in order to power that lighting when you turn it on again. One of the quickest ways to reduce coal emissions by 50% is to reduce our electricity consumption by 50%. Fortunately, LED lighting can provide a solution to this problem, and even though it might take time for everyone to adapt to LED light bulbs, it will be worth it in the long run for reducing pollution from coal emissions.

Compact florescent bulbs lights contain mercury and must be treated as hazardous waste. LED lighting contains no mercury or other dangerous substances, and because they are mercury-free, disposal or breakage is not a problem, and will reduce polluting the environment and landfills.

If every American Home changed out just five high-use light bulbs, each household would save more than $60 every year in energy costs and more than one trillion pounds of greenhouse gasses would be kept out of the air - equal to the emissions of 8 million cars.