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P90X Workout Program - P90X Tony Horton's 90 Day Extreme Home Fi

P90X workout program is a high-energy workout series brought to you by fitness guru Tony Horton. Tony's success with previous series such as the Power Half Hour and the original P90 prove Tony knows what he is talking about, and has the knack to keep you going. This routine was intended for those who know a bit about physical fitness and endurance training, so beginners may be left out in the cold a bit. Here are some basics to help you get started.

Tip #1: Don't let the box scare you. P90X workout program may even scare you the second it is delivered to your door. The package contains a nutrition planner, daily workout planner, a personal record sheet, and 12 DVDs along with a few fliers for the website and other products. It may be best to focus on one thing at a time. Take a look at the daily planner and skim through some videos to get you familiar with the system. Then you can read over the nutrition guide and begin week 1.

Tip #2: Buddy up. Find a friend, family member, or significant other who would like to do the program with you. When you workout, be sure to follow the explicit advice of Tony and don't compete with each other. Just having someone going through "the pain" with you is the best morale booster. Then you can pat each other on the back each week.

Tip #3: Drink plenty of water. In fact, you may want to drink more than plenty of water. You should drink at least 8oz an hour before your workout, a bottle to drink from during the workout, and then at least 8oz afterward. This may sound like a lot, but once you begin your first workout, you will see how easy it is to go through this much water. The extra hydration also makes a world of difference in how you feel during and after the exercise.

Tip #4: Get more protein. As a follow up to tip 3, be sure to get more protein. You don't necessarily have to go with the upgrades of vitamins and recovery drink offered when you purchase P90X workout program, but you do need to think about how you're going to get more protein. Without the extra nutrients, you are more likely to feel exhausted and even hurt yourself.

Tip #5: Eat light before the workout. Not only should you eat light, but also be sure not to eat less than an hour beforehand. You obviously don't want to work out while you're starving, but working out on a full stomach will give you less motivation, can make you cramp up, and may even make you sick. If you find yourself getting pretty hungry 20 minutes before your workout, eat a snack bar or have a protein drink.

Tip #6: Don't strain yourself. Literally. Don't try to stay with Tony and the others on everything during P90X. While your ultimate goal is of course to reach their level, you will probably not be there when you start out. Tony himself says repeatedly to push yourself to your own limits, but don't hurt yourself. This is what that record sheet is for.

Tip #7: Set up an appropriate workout area. This workout series requires space for everything, so be sure to make some. If you have to, move the furniture off to the sides of the room. You will also want to grab some weights or resistance bands ready to go. Get a workout pad or have two towels ready, one for padding and one to wipe away the sweat.

Will following these tips make the workouts easy and save you from being sore? Sorry, but it's not that easy. To be honest, you will still be pretty sore for the first few weeks, but that is actually the point. You will, however, notice a difference in your stamina and physical health very quickly if you stick to the program and use these tips to make it all easier.